France-China // Art & Environment :

The artistic and cultural program DQVTM, “What Life for Which World(s)?”, was launched in 2013 by a joint committee of artists, scientists, art critics and entrepreneurs to foster a Franco-Chinese dialogue on art and the environment.

RATP cultural showcases of line 14, illustrated by photographer Clara MILL

  • Station Pyramides Ligne 14 RATP - Julien Salaud. Courtesy Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature - Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève.
  • Station Madeleine - Véronique Ellena
  • Station Madeleine - CHI Peng. Courtesy Sammlung Wemhöner
  • Station Bercy - Niko de Lafaye

Issues relating to the environment, solidarity, ecofeminism, ethics, utopia, illusion, fantasy, etc. will be addressed throughout these events. These cultural, artistic and friendly events are an invitation to young and more renowned contemporary artists from France and China to produce new worlds and to consider environmental issues.

The program features discussions between artists and theorists, institutes and the general public, and private enterprises and employees with exhibitions and workshops in Metz, Paris, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, as well as publications and virtual networks.

Among the current partners of DQVTM are: DRAC Lorraine, the General Council of Moselle, the Institute of Studies in Art and Culture (IESA) of Paris and Beijing, the Collège des Bernadins, CHINEurope, Helios, the 2L2S Laboratory (University of Lorraine) and the Centre Pompidou Metz. The network of partners is expected to grow in the coming months.


Event DQVTM – Dans Quelle Vie Tu Monde(s)?

This event is characterized by diversity, and more specifically by “biodiversity“. It targets artists with a strong awareness of the contradictions (or inconsistencies) of our worlds and who have expressed them in their works. The project, which takes place in several preparatory stages, aims to bring together Chinese and French artists, in Paris, Metz, Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai in 2014, around “biodiverse” representations. It is not meant to be an alarmist statement, nor an inventory of miracle solutions but rather an exhibition of personal esthetic and artistic visions of the world.

Constructed as a Franco-Chinese dialogue, the exhibitions will highlight artists’ insights as they resonate off each other, and the visual artists’ visions of the entropy and reversibility of environmental degradation.

The themes addressed are: the environment, solidarity and ethics, as they refer to the development of new modes of taking ownership of the global commons, at local as well as global scales, and in North-South and East-West relations.



More than just a simple exhibition catalogue, the DQVTM publication is itself as a space open to the artists and theorists of the DQVTM program to express their thoughts and views. Innovative in its form, it respects the project’s values of preserving the environment, ethics and solidarity. Each contributor will provide insight into the broad debate that we wish to stimulate. It will also enable a sustainable dissemination of the ideas and solutions discussed throughout exhibitions and workshops. It will be an opportunity for guest artists but also participants such as art historians, scholars, art critics and sinologists to express their views, knowledge and feelings about the issues put forward in the project.


Designers and curators of the program

The DQVTM team gathers a wide range of expertises. Catherine Champeyrol, artist and managing partner at Beautemps, Virginie Chuimer-Layen, journalist at the Gazette Drouot and lecturer, Hervé Foucher, director of the Octave Cowbell gallery, Fu Xiaodong, director of the Space Station Art Center, Olivier Goetz, university professor and art critic, Marie Gayet, curator,Laurent Jammes, engineer and physicist, Song Qianru, assistant project, relations France-China, Frédérique Lecerf, artist and curator, Philippe Tour, entrepreneur, Liyu Yeo, curator and art critic and Xu Zhang, secretary of the CHINEurope association.

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